You will be astounded by Kapil Sharma's performance in the Zwigato trailer as well as his appearance in a previously unseen role.

In the Zwigato trailer, Kapil Sharma is shown as a deliveryman who is unhappy with his life and is juggling his personal and professional obligations while facing a financial crisis.

As Kapil has stated in his shows, even he was surprised by his acting abilities and expressed his gratitude to Nandita Das for bringing out the actor in him.


The trailer for this drama, which will be released on March 17, 2023, will leave you wanting more and impatient to see Shahana Goswami and Kapil Sharma shine.

The trailer depicts the harrowing journey of a delivery boy, and Kapil Sharma plays his part expertly and instantly wins you over.

The movie received a lot of positive feedback at film festivals, and now Kapil is eager for his fans in India to see him in action as Manas.