People make a living out of blogging and it is considered one of the best work from home jobs in India. You can either write about topics that intrigue you or quench your conscience


YouTuber When people ask about genuine work from home jobs, then this comes to the top of every list because being a YouTuber not only gets you money but you also get to meet like-minded professionals with whom you could witness phenomenal growth in your career.

Social Media Manager Social media management is a growing field that requires you to handle social media accounts of small, medium, and big companies. Even celebrities and public figures need social media managers.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn are going to be your full-time job.

Translator Knowing your own native language, or a third language can now benefit you a lot.Free registration and these genuine work from home jobs can help you pay your bills and rent.

Virtual Assistant A virtual assistant helps keep track of a business’s data, by doing administrative tasks and keeping everything organized. Virtual assistants are basically freelancers working at home or remotely.You are also responsible for responding to business inquiries, managing blogs, websites, sales data, and more.

Travel Agent Have a knack for suggesting the best places to go on a trip? Do you know about the best honeymoon packages in Hawaii? Or you know how to travel to Rome? Then you can consider the option of becoming a travel agent online.Websites like Monster India, Timesjobs, and yatra can offer you this benefit to work from home jobs.

Content Writer Content writing includes a lot of styles and forms of writing and producing write-ups. It can article writing, blog writing, webpage writing, copywriting, product descriptions, poems, stories, etc.

Web Developer a top-notch web developer is what your aim should be because if you want companies to set a search bounty on you to offer a job position, then being the best in class can help you deepen your pockets.Web developers online earn around 1.5 lakh – 2 lakh a month.

Call Center Job Then you can go for this option. Work at home, and earn a decent amount of money for answering telephone calls, verifying information, and interviewing. Call Centre Representative.Websites such as Upwork