1.Interpreter or translator Interpreters and translators have the advantage of being able to travel around the world as they can use their language skills abroad.

2.Meeting planner Meeting planners have to coordinate events, conventions, and other meetings by arranging everything from food service to location. They often have the chance to travel to attend the events they organize.

3.Overseas English teacher Teaching English abroad is a great opportunity for travel lovers, as it gives them a chance to get to know other countries and cultures while meeting new people.

4.Travel blogger/writer Being a travel blogger is the dream for many young people these days. Competition is fierce and although it allows you to travel for a living, it's no piece of cake—it is a time-consuming job.

5.Government diplomat A diplomat is a state-appointed professional who represents the sending state and conducts diplomacy overseas. Diplomats are often appointed for two to three years at a time, but it also depends on their position and experience.

6.Cruise ship entertainer If you're in the entertainment industry and you're passionate about traveling, a great way to combine both is by auditioning to be a cruise ship entertainer.

7.Spy An intelligence officer collects information for security and foreign policy goals. It's not an easy career to build, but spies sure get to travel around the world frequently. 

8.Zoologist or wildlife biologist Much of a wildlife biologist's working life consists of field research (if they're not at the lab), which can take them to all sorts of far-flung places around the world.

9.Logistician Logisticians are in charge of an organization's supply chain, from supplier to consumer. If you work for a company with an international supply chain, you can expect to travel for work often.